What flute do you play?

I have been playing 1989-2012 an all-14K gold Brannen-Copper Flute with a Sheridan headjoinz.
I currently play a new Haynes all-14K gold pinless flute.

You recorded the Noblot Andantino, where can I find the music?

Emile Noblot's Andantino and Final" is only published by Tani-Tech in Japan:
Fax +81 3-5983-7330 E-mail tanitech@rd5.so-net.ne.jp
You can also order it from the Muramatsu Flute Music Shop

Which Mozart Cadenzas do you play and are they published?

We are working on this, but there are copyright issues involved, as some pets of them originate from different existing cadenzas... For now, you might want to write down what you hear, and try to put your own cadenzas together. For the Flute and Harp Concerto, we use a medley from Cadenzas by Mario Flothuis, Robert Levin, and Thomas - all of these are published separately.

You recorded the Magic Flute Fantasy by Robert Fobbes, where can I find the music?

This was actually a birthday present from belgian composer and arranger Robert Janssens for his flutist friend Marc Grauwels, you may find more info and contact CebeDem in Belgium: cebedem.be